The ways to prepare for a typhoon

Around this time last week, HK was bracing itself for the possibility of being hit by one or two typhoons (Tembin and Bolaven).

A local grocery chain on Central side put up some helpful posters, with suggestions on what to stock in case of emergency, including: cup noodles, potato chips, sugary beverages. Noticeably absent: bottled water, fresh produce.

On the other side of the world, tips for the Gulf Coast to prepare for Hurricane Isaac:
• Stock up on one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days.
• Choose foods that need no refrigeration, cooking, and little or no water to prepare.
• Make sure you have a manual can opener and eating utensils handy.
• Avoid salty foods, which will make you thirsty.
• Suggested foods include canned meats, fruits, and vegetables; protein and power bars; dry cereal or granola; peanut butter; dried fruit; nuts; crackers; canned juices; nonperishable pasteurized milk; high-energy foods; and vitamins.
• If you have an infant, be sure to buy formula or other baby food options.
>> Via Delish: How to prepare food supplies for Hurricane Isaac

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