The ruling: AP vs Shepard Fairey and the 2008 Obama HOPE poster

Two years of probation and $25,000 USD fine for covering up the trail of the original image. I feel sorry for him for not coming clean as soon as he realized his mistake.

There was no intent to deceive on my part at the outset. When I discovered that the photo I had referenced was indeed the one the AP argued it was and not the one I thought I had used, I was embarrassed and scared to admit they were right and I was wrong even though it would not have had a material bearing on my case. Not amending the record was a big mistake and short-sighted. My actions damaged my ability to proceed effectively with my case and allowed the AP to focus on my credibility. I regret my actions every day and those who know me well know it is out of character. – Shepard Fairey

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