The Internet Cat Video Festival

As I write this post, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is getting ready to screen a curated 65-minute programme of internet cat videos to an audience of 5,000. Post-screening, the official selection and winning entries will be posted online.
>> Walker Art Center: Cat Video Playlist

More info here:
>> via The Atlantic: Why a Fancy Art Museum is Curating a Collection of Cat Videos / Megan Garber
>> The Walker Art Center: Internet Cat Video Festival

The Walker Art Center!
This has been on my “must visit” list since I saw Matthew Carter speak about his font design for The Walker Art Center with its snap-on serifs back in 1994 (1995?) at a FontShop seminar in Toronto. He left an impression on me. I loved the font and the concept, and how often would you have a client of such stature willing to take the risk? Often, bigger means more conservative, but it seems not in this case.
Years later, the impression still holds. A major art museum committing to a programme of cat videos takes guts. Is this art, or is it all too fluffy to be taken seriously?

Addendum: Watched several of the videos – sorry to say, but some of them are just boring.

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