I want: Shine activity tracker by Misfit

I wanted a Nike Fuelband until I saw this: Shine activity tracker by Misfit Wearables, a company headed by Apple collaborators / ex-employees.

+ Waterproof, can swim with it
+ Clean, simple lines, low-key design
+ Compact and light
+ Looks like it would feel nice in your hand, like a smooth pebble
+ Unfussy Bluetooth connection, no connector cables
+ Lights up to show the day’s progress at a glance

- I don’t like the rubber wristband, I’d prefer something a bit more robust. It looks too thin and flimsy though it’s hard to tell the real quality and feel from the video.
- No shots of the leather band.

The company website has nice infographics under the inspiration tab and several press links, including an interview with Shine’s CEO, Sonny Vu.
I first read about it on TechCrunch, but Gizmodo gives a more comprehensive review.

>> TechCrunch: Meet Shine – The elegant activity tracker / Kim-Mai Cutler
>> Gizmodo: Watch out Fitbit, this badass new activity tracker is out to eat your lunch / Peter Ha
>> Misfit Wearables

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