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Little cat feet…

Fog The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. CARL SANDBURG The fog here has slowed down the ferries, throwing schedules off, and pollution has shot up.… Continue reading

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The cat font: Helveticat

Too many things on the go, and not enough time to do it all, hence the lack of activity. This had to be shared. Helveticat by Bethany Lesko. The V, Y, and Z are all configurations that ELEKTROKATZE does with… Continue reading

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ELEKTROKATZE: bicycle design by ChowPourianLab

Yes, it’s true – now we’ve also designed a bicycle named ELEKTROKATZE: a new street style bike, handmade steel frame, fixed-gear, shortened handlebars, 20” wheels. >> ChowPourianLab for photos, a peek behind the scenes at the Colossi workshop where it… Continue reading

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The 15th-Century Equivalent of Your Cat Walking on Your Keyboard

Nothing more to add, the title by Rebecca J. Rosen says it all… >> Photos by Emir O. Filipovic >> The Atlantic: The 15th-Century Equivalent of Your Cat Walking on Your Keyboard / Rebecca J. Rosen

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The quick list: playing catch-up

Long stretch since the last post… For expediency’s sake, a quick list of articles worth reading (most recent on the top). SCIENCE >> National Geographic: The Bite that Heals. Scientists are unlocking the medical potential of venom / Jennifer S.… Continue reading

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The would-be (cat)lord of Facebook: Colonel Meow

There’s a new cat on the scene and he’s got Boo in his sights… I’m for the Colonel, but he’s looking at a steep uphill climb: how to dethrone one who has been appointed by nepotism?

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I want: Kaiju Negora by Mark Nagata

I used to collect vinyl toys. Haven’t seen anything I really want for a couple of years at least, and recently started thinking it was time to let it all go. Then I saw this… I want! Evil/cute kaiju negora… Continue reading

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The exhibition: LOL of Cats @ The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Remember the Internet Cat Video Festival back in August? Now The Photographers’ Gallery in London has an exhibition called ‘For the LOL of Cats’ until January 16th. It one includes some new stars, like Tard the Grumpy Cat. I’d never… Continue reading

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The photo book: Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat

Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara’s book follows 8 years of her grandmother’s daily life with the stray kitten she found in a shed. A beautiful document, quiet and sweet. >> Story via Buzzfeed: This Grandma and her cat are the cutest… Continue reading

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Elektrokatze stacheified for Movember… >> Stacheify for iPhone

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The Old Spice commercial, recast with cat

Old but still funny, Puss in Boots trailer / spoof on the Old Spice ad. Puss in Boots is perfectly cast as the Old Spice man – the same devil-may-care attitude and overconfident charm. The original Old Spice commercial…

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The power of kittens on productivity

Science says looking at pictures of kittens boosts productivity. >> The Atlantic: Why Cute Kitten Pictures Really Do Make You More Productive at Work / Derek Thompson ELEKTROKATZE is here to offer support…

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The ELEKTRO PechaKucha poster

ELEKTROKATZE, the face of PechaKucha Night HK on October 16. >> Event details

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The grand apology: Rufus Tower

I like this: man apologizes to his cat by building her a multi-storey cardboard box tower.

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The Internet Cat Video Festival

As I write this post, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is getting ready to screen a curated 65-minute programme of internet cat videos to an audience of 5,000. Post-screening, the official selection and winning entries will be posted online.… Continue reading

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The cat princess…

Choupette. I just liked these two photos. Probably everything you thought about Karl Lagerfeld’s cat is true: iPad, Goyard dishes, two personal maids, a vet who makes house calls every 10 days… Interviews below. >> Harper’s Bazaar: Kat Daddy /… Continue reading

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