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The public service announcement: Dumb Ways to Die

A 3-minute public service announcement video for Metro Trains Melbourne. The endearingly silly cute graphics and sticky indie folk sound made me watch it immediately a second time. An effective and unexpected take on the standard warnings which makes the… Continue reading

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The answer to “Why blog?”

>> Seth Godin

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The would-be (cat)lord of Facebook: Colonel Meow

There’s a new cat on the scene and he’s got Boo in his sights… I’m for the Colonel, but he’s looking at a steep uphill climb: how to dethrone one who has been appointed by nepotism?

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I want: chairs by Takeshi Sawada

Oak and deerskin. This is the cute fluffy one. This one is a bit more grown-up but fairytale-like, with intricate detailing on the face and ears and a special authentication crest on the back. The legs are also very fawn-like.… Continue reading

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The pushpin pointillist: Eric Daigh

A modern-day Chuck Close, Eric Daigh paints portraits with pushpins and pixels. >> via Co.Design >> Eric Daigh website

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The making of video: hot dogs

Five-minute video on how hot dogs are made. Reminds me of the clips they used to run on Sesame Street. It makes hot dogs kind of cool while the story about chicken nuggets seemed really disgusting, although it’s basically the… Continue reading

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song for a rainy Saturday

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I want: Kaiju Negora by Mark Nagata

I used to collect vinyl toys. Haven’t seen anything I really want for a couple of years at least, and recently started thinking it was time to let it all go. Then I saw this… I want! Evil/cute kaiju negora… Continue reading

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The new training for robotic surgery

Note to gamers: all those hours of training your visual motor skills with a joystick could make you a fine candidate for robotic surgeon. >> via ArsTechnica / WIRED UK: Gamers prove equal to surgeons in operating robotic surgery tools… Continue reading

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The Biblio-Mat: a novel way to sell books

Forgive the cheesy pun in the title, but I had to do it… Two things I love – vending machines and books – combined in one: the Biblio-Mat! The Monkey’s Paw, a secondhand book shop in Toronto, built a one-off… Continue reading

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The 5¢ Coke

From 1886 up to about 1959 – over 70 years! – the price of Coke was just 5¢. At the start, Coke was sold as syrup to soda fountains. Bottled drinks were an unproven newfangled idea, and Coca-Cola’s president didn’t… Continue reading

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I want: Shine activity tracker by Misfit

I wanted a Nike Fuelband until I saw this: Shine activity tracker by Misfit Wearables, a company headed by Apple collaborators / ex-employees. + Waterproof, can swim with it + Clean, simple lines, low-key design + Compact and light +… Continue reading

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The exhibition: LOL of Cats @ The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Remember the Internet Cat Video Festival back in August? Now The Photographers’ Gallery in London has an exhibition called ‘For the LOL of Cats’ until January 16th. It one includes some new stars, like Tard the Grumpy Cat. I’d never… Continue reading

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The photo book: Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat

Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara’s book follows 8 years of her grandmother’s daily life with the stray kitten she found in a shed. A beautiful document, quiet and sweet. >> Story via Buzzfeed: This Grandma and her cat are the cutest… Continue reading

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Elektrokatze stacheified for Movember… >> Stacheify for iPhone

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I want: Megaphone by en & is

I seem to have a thing for ceramic speakers. Megaphone is by Italian designers Isabella Lovero and Enrico Bosa, another variation on iPhone speakers which use physics instead of electricity to amplify sound. Elegant, sculptural, hand-finished and… I want the… Continue reading

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The Old Spice commercial, recast with cat

Old but still funny, Puss in Boots trailer / spoof on the Old Spice ad. Puss in Boots is perfectly cast as the Old Spice man – the same devil-may-care attitude and overconfident charm. The original Old Spice commercial…

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The death of an icon: architect Gae Aulenti

Gae Aulenti, Italian architect, Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur in 1987, R.I.P. (Dec 4, 1927 – Nov 1, 2012) Advice to whoever asks me how to make a home is to not have anything, just a few shelves for books,… Continue reading

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