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The Internet Cat Video Festival

As I write this post, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is getting ready to screen a curated 65-minute programme of internet cat videos to an audience of 5,000. Post-screening, the official selection and winning entries will be posted online.… Continue reading

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The surprising secret to selling yourself

The Harvard Business Review blog talks about how to sell yourself in a job interview. Experience wins on paper but when it comes to signing on a new hire, potential trumps experience – even in salary. >> Harvard Business Review:… Continue reading

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The elegant way to separate eggs

Surprisingly clean and simple. Fast too. Watch the video, then compare with this other tutorial…

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The ways to prepare for a typhoon

Around this time last week, HK was bracing itself for the possibility of being hit by one or two typhoons (Tembin and Bolaven). A local grocery chain on Central side put up some helpful posters, with suggestions on what to… Continue reading

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The cat princess…

Choupette. I just liked these two photos. Probably everything you thought about Karl Lagerfeld’s cat is true: iPad, Goyard dishes, two personal maids, a vet who makes house calls every 10 days… Interviews below. >> Harper’s Bazaar: Kat Daddy /… Continue reading

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I want: ceramic speakers by Joey Roth

Beautiful craftsmanship, sensitive use of materials, admirable design philosophy. I also want the self-watering planter “made from naturally porous unglazed earthenware.” Smart, simple design. Joey Roth. Keep an eye out for his work. >> Joey Roth

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The 4-day week and the value of change

Surprise! Not really… but here’s ammo for the next annual review: what every office employee wants is also beneficial to the company’s bottom line. Jason Fried, co-founder and CEO of 37signals, gave his employees what most would dream of but… Continue reading

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The wet dog shake: 70% dry in 4 seconds

Interesting article from The Atlantic about how and why mammals shake themselves dry. Dogs, mice, elephants – all shake to remove moisture from their bodies for survival. Back in 2010, three researchers from Georgia Tech – Andrew Dickerson, Zachary Mills,… Continue reading

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The “it’s impossible” challenge

Two stories, both bicycle-related, where inventors were told by various naysayers that what they wanted to do was impossible: Hövding the invisible bicycle helmet by Swedish industrial designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin Seven years in the making, it was… Continue reading

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The megalopolis called Twitter: Ai Weiwei’s city

New interview with Ai WeiWei by Jonathan Landreth in Foreign Policy, via The Atlantic. Beijing’s greatest problem is that it never belongs to its people. Though it’s a city of more than 10 million, people living here are like people… Continue reading

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The death of an icon: the quintessential Cosmo Girl Helen Gurley Brown

Helen Gurley Brown, Editor-in-chief of Cosmo Magazine, author of Sex and the Single Girl, R.I.P. Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. – Helen Gurley Brown >> Obit via Jim Romenesco >> Surprisingly gossipy obit via NYTimes

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The T-Shirt: still a barometer of our time

After posting about the value of sharing online the other day, comes the opposite end of the argument… T-shirt by German Garment Shop. >> via High Snobette >> German Garment Shop

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The Internet done good!

Ten years of digital photos sitting on hard drives in the apartment, roughly archived and rarely looked at… With last week’s big anniversary, the idea of putting together a mini-retrospective has been on my mind, but the effort required to… Continue reading

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The death of an icon: art critic Robert Hughes

The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize. – Robert Hughes Robert Hughes, art critic / writer / historian, R.I.P. >> NYT obit for Robert Hughes Shock of… Continue reading

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The kerning game

Found this while writing an earlier post about typography, and though I included the link in the other item, it really deserves its own mention… Kern type: a kerning game – A very nice site to explain kerning to the… Continue reading

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The Tsang Kin-Wah show @ Pearl Lam HK

Stopped by the Pearl Lam Gallery yesterday to see Tsang Kin-Wah’s new solo site-specific project, Ecce Homo Trilogy I. Definitely worth visiting – ends August 27. >> Tsang Kin-Wah >> Pearl Lam Galleries

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The provocative tagline (with terrible kerning)

Tortoise & Blonde, an online eyeglass design shop which is positioning itself as ‘Sex, Specs, and Rock n’ Roll’ – has a new tagline: We want to sit on your face. It’s an American brand, but the humour and graphic… Continue reading

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The Anniversary: 10 years ago today

TEN YEARS ago today, I left Canada for what I thought would be one year in Japan. That year quickly became five, followed by another five in HK. I’d never imagined this. As a student, I thought about moving to… Continue reading

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The story behind ‘Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry’

Interesting but too short Q&A with Alison Klayman, director of the documentary “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” >> TIME Magazine / Documenting the Dissident Film trailer

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The Spectacle: Rashaad Newsome @ FEAST Projects

This was back in May but I’ve just come across the video and had to share it. A special performance by Rashaad Newsome at FEAST Projects during ArtHK – it was a true spectacle, the energy was uncontainable. The show… Continue reading

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The spending patterns of US households: fibbing infographics

A snippet about household budgets… At a glance, everyone’s roughly in the same boat with spending patterns for food, housing, education, retirement etc. with low, middle and high income households. Percentage-wise they’re similar, but do the math and you’ll see… Continue reading

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The Sachiko Kodama show @ Hester Chan in London

I wish I was in London… This Thursday, the HCFA is holding a private screening of Japanese media artist Sachiko Kodama’s 8-minute film “Breathing Chaos” – definitely worth checking out if you are in the neighbourhood (closest tube: Bethnal Green).… Continue reading

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